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About Me

I am a reliable, trustworthy & dependable tutor who can get you results!
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I am currently a graduate from the University of West Florida. I am currently attending Graduate School for my Master's degree. I am a tutor. I have been tutoring for over 10 years. My name is Kiarra J. I am also willing to start ASAP. You could contact me today, and I'll show up tomorrow! (Depending on availability)

I'm dependable. I have a reliable transportation, and I am serious. I am a straight A (honor) student, who graduated in the top 11% of my high school class. I made the dean's list twice in college (yes, I am proud!). I am the recipient of several awards and scholarships. I am hardworking, and I can help you or your child get caught up, back on track, and stay ahead of the game!

I am very skilled with Algebra, and can help you (or your child[ren]) on a schedule that best fits your needs. Whether this is right before practice, after school, for daily homework, or on the weekends. I cover all types of Algebra, including:

Pre-Alegbra is just a teaser of what's to come in real Alegbra. I can help prepare you or your child for what's to come!
Algebra 1 can be really challenging and very hard to keep up with once you've fallen behind. Everything builds upon itself. So if you need to get back on track, I can help!
Once you've mastered Algebra 1, there is an even bigger challenge: Algebra 2. This course is significantly more challenging, but it is not impossible. I can help you conquer this class!
College Algebra can be tricky, but not impossible. Since college is so fast-based, you will need all the help you can get to keep up with the speed of learning.

Why Choose Me

I will help with all Algebra Concepts, including:

Algebraic equations

Everything from two-step equations with variables to linear equations with parentheses.

Properties of Real Numbers

Understanding what makes a number "Real" is essential.

Solving Linear Equations

Linear equations will be a piece of cake after we tackle them!

Writing & Graphing Linear Equations & Functions

Using an X-Y coordinate system to graph equations and functions

Solving & Graphing Linear Inequalities

Don't even know what a linear inequality is? No problem!

Solving Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities

Solving a "system" is easier than you think!

Exponents & Exponential Functions

Exponenets can be tricky, but not impossible to solve.

Quadratic Equations & Functions

Everyone's favorite: the infamous quadratic forumla!

Polynomials & Factoring

Polnomials, Factoring and Fun, oh my!

Rational Equations & Functions

What is a rational equation anyways? I'll explain all of this and more!

Algebra word problems & Formulas

Word problems are the worst! I can help you understand and decode the confusion!

My Skills Are...

  • Patience

  • Knowledgeable

  • Understanding

  • Kindness

Our Skills are excellent

One on One Interactions

Every tutoring session is one on one so that your child has my full and undivided attention, so I can focus on them and only them.

Flexible Schedule

I work around YOUR schedule. Can't meet with me until 9 pm after work? Only mornings every other Thursday work for your child? No problem.


I know and understand how frustrating learning anything can be, especially math. That's why I will patiently work with my students until they simply "get it".

What My Customers have to say

Hire Me to help you today! I will make learning easier and understandable.

I will also help you (or your child[ren]) find practice worksheets and problems online to do, to help you prepare for your tests! So what are you waiting on? Book today! Or if you still have any questions feel free to chat with me using the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of this screen.

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